Teaching & Lectures


2002-present General Pathology & Immunology 6601 (for second year medical students)

2002-present Advanced Immunology GMS6030 (for Ph.D., veterinary, medical and dental students)

2002-2006 PhD mentor for Jose Antonio Hernandez Prada, PhD, in the Biochemistry concentration of the Interdisciplinary Program, University of Florida College of Medicine

2005-2009 Molecular Pharmacology GMS5653 (for Ph.D, veterinary, medical and dental students)

2007-present Mentor to undergraduate students: Andrew Magis, Kate Bailey, Vaidm Katsenovich, Kathryn Johnston

2009-present PhD mentor for Christopher Fuhrman in the Microbiology and Immunology concentration of the Interdisciplinary Program, University of Florida College of Medicine


Invited Lectures

1. Structures of CTLA-4 (CD152) and the Mouse Minor Histocompatibility Antigen H13: Implications on Graft Tolerance. Division of Immunology, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, September 1, 1999.

2. Crystal Structures of CTLA-4 (CD152) and the H13 Minor Histocompatibility Antigen: Implications on Graft Rejection. Biogen, Cambridge, MA, September 24, 1999.

3. Binding Rules Broken: How to Cope? Antigen Processing and Presentation Meeting, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, October 16-18, 1999.

4. Invited to co-chair session on Class I and Class II MHC Structure. 11th International Congress of Immunology, Stockholm, Sweden, July 22-28, 2001.

5. Invited to speak at Second International Symposium on Minor Histocampability Antigens. May 17-18, 2002, Seattle, WA.

6. HKE2: A Novel MHC Encoded Protein Expressed in T cells. ICBR Antibody Applications Workshop, Gainesville, FL, June 25, 2003.

7. NCIDOCK: A Novel Approach to Structure-Based Lead Discovery. April 28, 2004, Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine, UFCOM, Gainesville, FL.

8. Structural Genomics of the Major Histocompatibility Complex. June 2, 2004, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Immunology Seminar Series.

9. Structure-based Discovery of Novel CDK Inhibitors. May 12, 2006, FAME 2006, Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition, American Chemical Society, Renaissance Orlando Hotel.

10. High-throughput structure-based selection of novel MLCK inhibitors. March 16, 2007, University of Chicago, Physiology Seminar Series.

11. Visualizing a Missing Link in the Evolution of Adaptive Immunity. May 14, 2007, University of Virginia, Immunology Seminar Series.

12. Invited to speak at Plenary Session I. February 26 – March 3, 2009, 49th Sanibel Symposium, St. Simons Island, GA.

13. The role of UFSCC in the NCI Network for Translational Research: Optical Imaging in Multimodality Platforms. January 8, 2010. University of Florida Shands Cancer Center Topics in Cancer Biology Seminar Series.

14. Structure-Based Modulation of Tumor Metastasis. March 9, 2010. University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, FL.

15. Pinpointing Drugs to MHC to X-ray Crystallography and High-throughput Virtual Screening. May 4, 2010. Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, School of Medicine, University of Colorado, Denver.