Grant Funding


Bankhead-Coley Program (Hromas, PI) 10/1/13-9/30/15

FL Department of Health

Targeting histone methylation for triple-negative breast cancer therapy.

This project will generate novel and specific Metnase inhibitors and test whether they can overcome resistance of triple negative breast cancers to chemotherapy

JDRF (Ostrov, PI) 8/31/2014-8/31/2016

Prevention of T1D by Targeting the Trimolecular Complex

The objective is to identify a set of drugs or drug-like molecules that inhibit the process that leads to destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas. The process to be inhibited is recognition by T cells.

R01 AI103348 (Ostrov, PI) 6/30/2014-6/30/2017


The Structural and Functional basis of HLA-Associated Drug Hypersensitivity

The goals of this proposal are to see if systemic adverse drug reactions are due to the formation of an altered peptide repertoire that triggers T cell immunity in HLA associated drug hypersensitivity.

University of Florida Foundation (Ostrov, PI) 07/01/08 –Present

UFSCC Drug Discovery

 U01-HD060474 (Terada, PI; Ostrov, Co-I) 02/15/2009 – 01/31/14


Developing Male Contraceptives by Targeting ANT4

The study proposes to identify small molecules selectively targeting ANT4 by using molecular docking approach. The identified molecules may serve as lead compounds for developing novel male contraceptives.

Bankhead-Coley Program (Hochwald, PI) 07/01/10-06/30/15

FL Department of Health

Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel selective inhibitors of FAK and IGF-1R function in pancreatic cancer

Our studies will identify novel compounds that will prevent the protein interaction of FAK and IGF-1R.