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Recent data suggest alternative mechanisms that promote HLA-associated drug syndromes.

Abacavir binds within the antigen-binding cleft of human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-B*57:01. Read more about it here.

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Molecular Mountaineers

UF drug development researchers are forging new trails to cancer treatments. Read about it here.

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Drug Discovery

We use methods in structure-based drug design to discover and develop novel therapies for human diseases. We are actively targeting cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes by high-throughput virtual screening combined […]

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Serine-threonine kinases in TCR signaling

August 19, 2014

TCR engagement triggers activation of downstream kinases. Navarro and Cantrell discuss how the network of serine/threonine kinases instruct T cell metabolism to participate in immune responses.

Integrative biology of T cell activation

August 19, 2014

TCR ligation activates multiple downstream pathways that lead to myriad functional outputs. Malissen and colleagues discuss how unbiased mass spectrometry using signaling hub 'bait' molecules, such as...

Insights into the initiation of TCR signaling

August 19, 2014

How agonist peptides initiate the T cell antigen receptor (TCR) signaling cascade is widely debated. Weiss and Chakraborty discuss current models of the proximal signaling events that ensue upon...

MicroRNA and TH2 cells

August 19, 2014